Benefits of a Café Point of Sale System | POSToday

A lively coffee shop is a healthy coffee shop, with people popping in and out, ordering breakfast, sitting at tables and chatting over steaming lattes. A steady stream of on-the-go customers makes efficiency an absolute must for business owners. Café POS systems offer a great way to streamline workflows, manage transactions and increase productivity.

Here’s what a café POS system can offer your coffee shop or other quick service restaurant:

Speed up transactions

Many payment processing systems offer touch screen capability on tablets, so you can program menu items into the café POS and your employees can place orders with a single tap on the screen. This timesaver at the checkout counter will help your staff serve more customers more efficiently, helping to keep everyone happy.

Generate sales reporting

Businesses with a large daily transaction volume often find sales reporting cumbersome and labor intensive. Your POS can track purchases made and deliver sales reports on-demand, allowing you to see which items are hot on the menu and which ones are lagging behind (1).

Track employee hours

Your café POS system can require workers to sign on and off when beginning and ending their shifts, giving you easy access to important data as you track hours, create schedules and manage payroll.

Combat theft and manage inventory

Waste and theft are common problems for low-margin, high-volume businesses like cafés, but a smart POS system can help you fight these challenges with tighter inventory controls. The system tracks your inventory in real-time relative to each purchase that is made, which you can then compare with the product you have stocked. You will see red flags much faster with a POS inventory tracking system. Some systems also offer added security at the checkout by requiring a password in order to override prices.

A café POS can make managing a dynamic, interactive business like a coffee shop much easier. More than just a machine that processes transactions, POS systems offer you speed and accuracy with a variety of business functions, saving you time while helping you move customers through the checkout line more quickly. Efficiency is everything for café owners; finding just the right POS for your business is a big step in the right direction.