3 factors driving online shopping

Mobile payments continue to gain traction, growing over 60 percent from just a few years ago. This year, over 130 million users in the U.S. will make at least one purchase via web browser or mobile app on their mobile device. Let’s take a look at three factors driving online shopping.

  1. Larger variety. Online shoppers have access to a practically unlimited choice of brands, styles, colors and sizes. If the item they are searching for is out of stock from one seller, they can easily find it from another online store.
  2. Better pricing. The web makes it easy for consumers to find the items they want at the most competitive prices. Shoppers can search for new or used items, and view side-by-side price comparisons on sites like PriceGrabber®.
  3. More convenience. Online shopping is faster and easier for time-pressed consumers, allowing them to shop whenever they want without hassling over parking spaces and carrying shopping bags. And, online shoppers never have to wait in line.

Making it easy for your customers to shop online gives you a distinct advantage. You aren’t limited to the amount of available shelf space when considering which items to stock. With access to a larger group of consumers, you can price your merchandise more competitively. And, a convenient online checkout experience encourages customers to return again and again.