Benefits of ecommerce scheduling software

Any type of business transaction that involves the transfer of information via electronic channels such as the internet is known as ecommerce. It’s a term we’re all more than familiar with. We shop, order food, pay our bills, and socialize – all online. There are lesser-known ways we use ecommerce. Let’s take a look at one of them: appointment scheduling.  

Everyone has their own favorite personal daily organizer. Although printed planners aren’t completely obsolete, many of us now rely upon the electronic calendars on our phones, laptops, tablets or desktops. Thanks to ecommerce scheduling software, we can book appointments online rather than over the phone, with the added convenience of doing it anytime day or night. 

Many salon/spa owners and healthcare practitioners are realizing the benefits of using ecommerce scheduling software. Read on to see how “Sarah” used this feature to set up an appointment with an acupuncturist.

Since Sarah was new to acupuncture, she began by searching for information online. She found a local practitioner’s website with a comprehensive explanation of acupuncture, the types of conditions it treats, the practitioner’s biography and philosophy, and more. 

After deciding to schedule a consultation, Sarah used the online booking feature to view available appointment times. She booked her appointment by completing a short form with her name, phone number and email address, and received a confirmation email that included directions to the office. The day prior to her scheduled appointment, she received an email reminder. Both emails included a link to cancel or reschedule the appointment. 

Business owners considering ecommerce scheduling for their clients should take note of a few things. First, the website must provide comprehensive information about the services offered, including answers to the most common questions. It must be easy to navigate. The booking feature needs to be simple and require minimum client information. Finally, the scheduling software should provide confirmation and reminder messages, as well as cancellation and rescheduling options. All of this translates into a more convenient and streamlined experience for the client and the business owner.