The benefits of integrated payment processing

3 Ways Your Business Will Benefit from an Integrated Payment System

Whether you operate a restaurant, coffee shop, retail store, or bar, an integrated payment system is crucial to your business’s future success.  Accepting credit cards is far more than a simple payment transaction.  POS systems are now integrated with fast and reliable payment processing services, which means you can now streamline operations, manage front and back end operations more efficiently and improve customer loyalty.

Delivers Superb Customer Service

Exceeding expectations and providing ample service is the root of developing efficient customer loyalty. With a fast and reliable POS system, your company can place orders and with the touch of a button and employees can complete check out orders proficiently to reduce customer wait time.  The full-service POS system allows employees to process nearly every kind of payment method and review transactions immediately resulting in little to no mistakes.  POS systems have a variety of services that allow employees to enable reservations, waiting lists, guest pagers, gift card management, and caller ids all on the same device.

Enhances Team Work and Communication

Most POS systems are easy to use and easy to learn.  POS Systems are customizable and store-specific.  Whatever your employees and customers need most will be prioritized in your system. The customized payment solutions allow you to generate detailed reports that highlight your busiest times of the day, as well as the most popular items sold.  With this information, you can evaluate your staff based on who is able to guide your customers with advice and up-sale options.

Increases Overall Profits

A profitable POS system begins with innovative payment processing technology built into the POS system.  Through integrated payment processing, you get much more than a simple payment transaction made with a credit card. You get promotional and marketing tools to grow your business, maximize income, increase exposure of your brand and boost customer loyalty through gift card promotions.  POS systems equipped with payment processing allows owners to increase order size by accepting multiple forms of credit cards and even mobile payments with super-fast transaction approvals.  

As of 2017 over 38 million small business owners will be using POS systems.  Streamline all your business operations in one device to save time, build customer loyalty, and enhance internal employee communication, and generate new revenue and profits.