Top 5 mobile apps to help you shop this holiday season

Shoppers are increasingly bypassing Santa and taking gift buying into their own hands – literally. Now more digitally connected than ever, 38 percent of consumers are using their mobile devices to research products, and 28 percent will use their devices to look up retailer information. Clearly, mobile devices will play a significant role in this year’s holiday shopping season.

To help give you a holiday shopping upper-hand, here’s a list of some of the best 2015 mobile apps:

1. TGI Black Friday

This app compiles the best deals for retailers around the web. It also allows users to search for specific products to see if there's an existing deal. Once shoppers have found the products they want, they can add them to a handy list to help them shop more efficiently. Retailers can benefit by submitting their own sales for shoppers to peruse.

2. Shopular

If it was tough to keep track of paper-based coupons, keeping digital coupons organized can be even harder. This app provides an easy way for shoppers to access their coupons when necessary. Shopular also uses geo-locating to push deals to a device when a shopper walks in or near the corresponding store.

3. ShopAdivsor

This app makes shopping easier, both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. ShopAdvisor tracks product prices and inventory levels, so customers don't have to make a trip out to the store to be disappointed the product has sold out. The app also personalizes deals for a more relevant shopping experience.

4. BestParking

Anyone who has ever survived a holiday shopping trip knows parking can be extremely difficult, and depending on where you live, expensive. However, opting for public transit over a vehicle severely limits the volume of gifts customers can bring home with them. BestParking reveals the best paid-parking rates in the area and quickly provides access to contact information.

5. Retailer apps

While not a specific app, many retailers benefit from a proprietary app. This could be the reason shopping app usage grew faster in retail than in any other category in 2014, making 174 percent year-over-year growth. Customers appreciate being able to purchase from a brand they love just by hitting a few buttons.

These apps are not only helpful for customers who are looking to save money, but vital for small businesses looking to make money. Prompting consumers find their businesses and use their deals should motivate business owners to embrace mobile device apps this holiday season.