New ways to pay at entertainment venues

If you take your business on the go to festivals, trade shows, fairs, conferences or any other type of event, you should be ready to accept customer payments quickly and easily. Such events are high volume, fast-paced environments that have different POS needs than day-to-day business. You and your employees at the event will have so much else to worry about—setting up your booth, attracting customers and building your brand image—that you need to select an event POS you can rely on for speedy, secure payment processing.

Key features of an event POS

Chances are, your company is paying to have a presence at an event—so make sure you’re getting all you can out of your time and resources there. Here are some payment systems features that can be especially helpful for credit card processing at events: 

“Always on” processing. 

Events are the time to plan for the unexpected—don’t let a slow internet connection or power outage slow down your payments acceptance. Choose a POS for events that will continue to process payments even when not connected to a network.

Secure payments acceptance. 

Even though your business is on the go, POS systems for events can be secure. Consider using encryption or tokenization technologies to process confidently while on wireless internet networks outside of your usual network.

Track inventory.

Today’s modern POS systems for events allow you to track your inventory in real-time, so you can see how many of which items you have at a tap of a button. Set up alerts to advise your staff when popular items are running low and need to be replenished throughout the event.

Monitor sales. 

Keep a close watch on how your sales are tracking throughout the event, so you can adjust your sales and marketing tactics on the fly to maximize your time and resources at events.

Easy to use. 

Sometimes, you’ll need to add to your core staff with temporary employees during larger events. So, select an event POS that’s easy to use and highly teachable.

Online ordering. 

Consider enabling online and eCommerce ordering so customers can buy tickets and merchandise from your company before they even arrive at the event.

Integrated receipt printing. 

The best POS systems for events allow you to print customer receipts right from the POS, or customers can choose to have their sales draft sent to them via SMS text message or email.

Customizable APIs. 

If needed, select an open API that allows for developer customization for branding, ease of use and customer convenience. Such POS systems allow your tech team to take the existing platform and fully customize it to suit your company’s needs and wants. 

Use the tips above to keep your business moving and your customers happy, even when you’re accepting payments at an event such as a trade show or festival.