How restaurant technology is enabling food service operations

Local sourcing, sustainability and nutrition top the list of restaurant culinary trends for 2015. But those aren’t the only things on the menu. Restaurants are also increasingly investing in technology including smartphone and tablet apps, and mobile/wireless payment options. Approximately half of all restaurant operators are devoting more resources to customer-facing technology, and over a quarter are allocating resources to front- and back-house technology.

According to, systems and technology that were once thought to only make economic sense for large or multilocation restaurants, are now commonplace among even smaller independents. Crosstown Pub & Grill in Naperville, Illinois, is a good example. The locally-owned gastropub traded in their antiquated POS for a tablet-based solution that speeds-up service and payments.

Crosstown owner Jim Nichols Sr. explains that the restaurant’s POS tablet solution streamlines the ordering process and helps servers close out tabs more quickly, increasing table turnover. Customers like the format of the tablet POS because they get their check and swipe their card at the table, with no paper receipts.

Foodservice company CulinArt Group is taking another approach by offering a mobile-payments solution at their dining facilities on large corporate campuses. Mobile payments keep checkout lines moving, and are attractive to employees who often don’t carry a wallet around their work environment but almost always have their cell phone.

Other technologies that restaurants are utilizing include geo-tagged marketing, web-based inventory applications, and online ordering applications. The wide range of technology options available to restaurant and food service operators can be overwhelming, but help is available. Contact us and we’ll connect you with a service provider who can provide the guidance you need in your search for the right solutions for your business.