Increase customer engagement through mobile point of sale

The mobile point-of-sale marketplace is expanding rapidly. The consumerization of smartphone technology has forced businesses in all verticals to adopt new and cutting-edge technology in their operations. If consumer needs aren't met, merchants face the danger of losing out on recurring revenue.

Quality customer service comes in many forms, but its importance remains the same regardless of the vehicle it comes in. Client care is a primary driver of bottom-line revenue, which is why businesses are investing not only in service but also the right infrastructure to best serve their patrons' needs. According to a recent Call Center IQTM study, more than two-thirds of businesses surveyed increased customer service spending in 2014. 

That capital investment, coupled with the increased spending on Mobile POS (mPOS) systems by local merchants makes it seem like early adopters are on the right track to improving customer loyalty. However, spending on the customer isn't quite enough. Merchants that invest in updated customer service infrastructure, many times an mPOS in the case of local businesses, are proving they value customers' needs. But they must go beyond providing their clients with the right payment infrastructure; further steps must be taken to best enhance the overall buying experience. 

Build loyalty through mobile

Once a mobile payment processing infrastructure is rolled out, merchants are on the right track to increasing loyalty and providing better customer service. There are a number of ways local businesses can take the next step in customer service with their newly upgraded POS systems. Here are a few:


Merchants can break up long lines and check out customers wherever they desire within a brick-and-mortar location. Wireless connectivity is impacting retailers and restaurants in a positive way in that they can charge patron in a more convenient manner. Mobile POS also provide merchants a self-service option, which is just another convenient way for consumers to check out.

Business agility

From a company standpoint, business owners can grow their business at a pace that's convenient for them and their customers. From a service standpoint, mPOS systems can look up inventory, conduct price checks or even accept payments on the spot. Mobile transaction infrastructure can recover lost revenue from long-line waiting, and encourage repeat business by enhancing the customer experience.


Back-end analytics help companies better understand their customers and their purchasing habits. Once a merchant has this information, it can reach out to a consumer at the right time with an offer that's relevant to their needs. The information age is connecting merchants and their customers in an informed and meaningful way.

Using today's cutting-edge mPOS systems, merchants can easily integrate loyalty rewards programs into their operation. These initiatives can collect, monitor and track customer information and buying habits, which can in turn be used to create targeted incentives and offers. Today's merchant shopping experience doesn't end when the customer walks out of the door. Mobile point-of-sale systems can help merchants connect on a more personal and relevant basis with their clientele.