How mobile point of sale equipment is modernizing retail shopping

In an age where ecommerce continues to take a bite out of retail sales, mobile point of sale equipment is adding some much-needed modernization to the retail landscape. One of the main reasons online shopping has taken off so much in recent years is the flexibility and ease it provides. Integrating mobile point of sale systems into brick-and-mortar stores can give shoppers the best of both worlds: the flexibility of online shopping and the enhanced experience of visiting a storefront.

Here are a few ways mobile point of sale equipment is modernizing retail:

Line busting

The most-lauded result of implementing mobile point of sale is the ability to "line bust," or break up long lines. Customers dread waiting in long lines when shopping. With mobile point of sale and the appropriate number of staffers on hand, businesses can dramatically shorten lines and give customers the seamless experience they've become accustomed to online. Instead of picking up their items and struggling to find the nearest cash register, customers can instead seek out the nearest store associate and finish the transaction more quickly.



Even when there are no long lines to break up, mobile point of sale systems give sales associates the ability to operate from anywhere in the store. This is especially useful for retailers that operate in larger spaces. For instance, one of the reasons Home Depot recently implemented mobile point of sale systems was to be able to process payments in its garden centers. This allows customers to limit the time spent transporting heavy items through large Home Depot stores.


On-the-go payments 

Mobile systems allow businesses to be consistently on the move, adopting to the on-the-go lifestyle of customers. Rather than being chained to the storefront, mobile point of sale systems allow retailers to work at pop-up shops, craft fairs and other remote locations without losing access to credit card processing tools. Being able to quickly set up shop in new environments gives retailers a chance to test out new markets and find new customers. Digital channels like social media and email allow businesses to reach customers at any time. Now retailers can follow suit by taking their operations on the move with them.


Value and engagement

Mobile point of sale systems give sales reps the opportunity to engage with customers one on one, which also creates more chances for education and upsells. The same associate who is consulting with a specific customer about a purchase can then ring this person up, creating a smoother service experience and building deeper relationships at the same time. Another great benefit of mobile point of sale is making the internet more immediately accessible within the store. This means associates can access the store's website and pull up materials to help customers with their purchasing decisions.


Valuable space

Old-fashioned cash registers took up a lot of space within the retail environment, often requiring an entire table or counter top. Mobile point of sale solutions allow businesses to reduce the amount of space devoted to payment processing equipment. Instead, these areas can be repurposed and used for additional merchandising and displays. Some retailers may choose to get rid of traditional registers entirely and use mobile point of sale systems throughout the store instead.


Implementing mobile point of sale equipment can modernize and transform the retail environment, enhancing customer service and providing opportunities for growth.