What to Consider When Looking for POS Restaurant Software

One of the most important tools any restaurant can invest in is a point of sale system. However, a restaurant POS system with inadequate software could be more of a hassle than a convenience. Restaurateurs can make the most of their POS systems by choosing the right software. Here are five things to consider when choosing POS restaurant software:

1. Ease of use
POS systems are a tool everyone working in a restaurant uses, from bartenders and servers to hosts and even cooks. With this in mind, it's important to leverage software that is fast and intuitive. Slow, difficult software will slow down service times and ultimately cost a business money. Additionally, training staff can become time-consuming and costly if the POS restaurant software is not easy to use. According to the National Restaurant Association, hospitality turnover rates rose 10 percent between 2010 and 2014.(1) If you own a restaurant, you can pretty much guarantee you will need to regularly train employees. With the right software, this shouldn't be a terribly daunting task.

2. Robust data capabilities
POS systems can provide restaurant owners with valuable information including marketing, employee productivity, financial and inventory data. All this information helps restaurateurs optimize their business models and make more money. It is important to choose POS restaurant software that has advanced data capabilities.

3. Integration
POS systems in restaurants can streamline daily operations with capabilities like totaling orders, splitting checks and sending orders to the kitchen.  POS systems are also often used as a computer to run financial reports, track information about repeat customers, clock employees in and out, and take reservations, among other tasks. It is important to choose POS restaurant software that can be easily integrated with other programs your restaurant needs to run smoothly.

4. Payment forms
Today, owners can expect restaurant-goers to start demanding options for different forms of payment, including mobile wallets. According to Hospitality Technology's "POS Software Trend Report 2015," 59 percent of restaurant owners are prioritizing mobile wallet capabilities in their POS restaurant software in 2015.(2) By ensuring your software is compatible with a variety of payment forms, you are in a better position to attract and retain a larger customer base.

5. Security 
As of October 2015, businesses can be held liable for certain types of fraud if they do not accept EMV-enabled credit and debit cards. Hospitality Technology's report also revealed 47 percent of business owners cited preparation for EMV as a driver in their decision to upgrade their POS systems and software. Restaurant owners should invest in POS software that offers robust security capabilities.

In addition to the five criteria listed above, a knowledgeable provider can provide direction to the POS restaurant software for your business. Find POS system providers near you!