How a POS tablet can help your business grow

Technology is the bloodline of most businesses today. One piece of technology business owners are adopting more frequently is a mobile POS tablet system. According to Mobey Forum, mPOS terminals owned 17 percent of the total POS terminal market in 2012, a number that is expected to increase to 46 percent by 2017.

Today, it is not uncommon to see new businesses pop up that feature sleek, user-friendly POS tablets. Not only are these devices intuitive, they are accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

Following are three reasons a POS tablet is all a business needs to grow:

1. Reduced costs

One of the main reasons businesses are attracted to tablet POS systems is their cost. As Entrepreneur  pointed out, POS systems can cost roughly $20,000, so many businesses are turning to mobile tablet devices that fulfill their cash register, inventory management and customer needs at a lower expense.

Beyond pure cost of hardware, a POS tablet can save merchants time spent training employees. Since touch screen technology is so heavily ingrained in our society today, employees may be able to learn how to use the tool quickly, which can save money on training costs and result in fewer mistakes over the long term.

2. More effective operations

Merchants can rely on a tablet point of sale to help them run their businesses more effectively. Because these devices are mobile, owners can more easily manage their businesses on the go. Many tablets feature solutions that let merchants see sales, inventory and customer analytics in real time, even when they are away from the physical location of their business.

In addition to the flexibility this technology provides, inventory management software makes it easier to understand and account for products. Further, the mobility of these devices allows business owners to engage with staff and guests easily from anywhere on the sales floor or inside a restaurant.

3. Improved customer engagement

Customers today expect in-store shopping experiences to be highly personalized. According to a recent TimeTrade  study, 90 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when helped by a knowledgeable employee. Merchants can empower their employees to build increased engagement with customers with a POS tablet. mPOS systems allow store associates to walk right up to a guest and help him or her locate products, ring up sales and join loyalty programs.

POS tablets also improve engagement and speed up service at restaurants. Guests can use a restaurant POS tablet to access or change their reservations, enter food allergy concerns, or learn more information about menu items.

A mobile POS tablet can be a wise investment for many types of both new and established businesses. Cost savings, operational efficiencies and customer experiences will all see a positive impact when merchants invest in this technology.