Retail meets tech meet payments

What happens when three of the largest US industries collide around merchant security and mobile solutions for SMB merchants?  Microbrand merchants are born ready to use their local and specialty advantages to compete with the national brands.

The rub is that they demand a new type of POS partner with the chip-in-card, tablet, mobile wallet and ecommerce capabilities to get their SMB merchants up quickly and easily.  Smart Microbrand merchants are increasingly neglecting traditional solution providers that don’t have the value-chain partnerships and bundles to get them going with more ‘one and done’ service upgrade interactions.

Merchants are being hit with the mobile carrot and the EMV stick and this can be costly.  Fraud liability costs are now showing up on merchant statements and likewise they see consumers with phone in hand and website options that they need to capture.  Smart ‘microbrand’ merchants know they must both protect and promote their brand via safe and combined digital and in-store experiences.

Without IT departments, SMB shops need the support of POS partners that saw this coming and have bundles and offers in place for them.  That is the tale of two choices.  Partners that have made the investments will again capture the smartest, most-profitable merchants and those that have not will see their portfolios erode in volume and profits.

The dual desire to support the new card brands (Paypal®, Apple®, Google®, Android™) and provide security compliance that is pushing fraud liability costs down to POS partners and their SMB merchants is creating confusing choices.  This increases costs for everyone and slows market adoption.

A wonder pill in the making?  If merchants need their security medicine and want their mobility vitamins, is there a way they can get that in one solution upgrade pill that’s safe and easy to take?  The good news is increasingly yes.

Merchants that care about their microbrands are investing in technology payments solutions that allow them to better own that moment of truth on the web, phone and at check-out.  They are, and increasingly will, steal repeat consumer visits, higher ticket purchases and faster operational velocity from merchants that lag in adopting ecommerce, m-commerce and safer chip-in-card solutions.  They in turn will help well enabled partners grow their market share.