4 time saving business technologies to streamline operations

If you’re like most small business owners, the day to day grind of business management isn’t what inspired you to start a company. Your ideas, talents, and vision led you to business ownership. The operational side is simply necessary to conduct daily business.

But recent advances in business technology are freeing up today’s retailers and restauranteurs from operational tasks so they can get back to the passions that drive them. Here’s a quick overview of some technologies that can help you save time and streamline your business operations.

Employee Management Software

Scheduling employees can be a tedious and flawed process that eats up your time and sanity. Scheduling software programs act as storehouses of information about employee availability, time off requests, shift swaps and staffing needs broken down by location, employee role/skill level, time of day, and day of week. Using all the necessary information, an employee management tool can generate schedules, notify employees, and track changes in real time. Depending on which program you use, it can even track employee hours and manage payroll.

Robust Reporting Software

Tracking sales by date, hour, tender, department, and product can provide valuable insights into the performance of your business, but doing so can eat up valuable time. With an easily accessible data dashboard, you can take the guesswork out of your business decisions and strategy without dedicating a significant amount of time and energy to the task. There are many types of reporting software available on the market for low cost. With online and mobile dashboards, you can access all of your business data on the go, or from your couch.

Customer Data Capture Software

Getting to know your customers and their buying patterns can be invaluable information for business owners. All of your customer touch points are an opportunity to capture customer data. Many applications available on the market today help you compile this information, as well as manage promotions and outreach campaigns. Automated marketing campaigns and targeted promotions help you grow your business with greater success and less legwork.

Implementing these tools is a great way to work smarter instead of harder. With the influx of available technology today, it’s even possible to get these tools and more in a single application. Ask your point of sale reseller for more information about these time saving technologies.