3 ways upgrading your liquor store POS system can improve business

A point of sale system designed specifically for liquor stores can ease the burden of organizing and tracking inventory, sales, and more. Upgrading your POS system to the latest hardware that meets security regulations improves protection of sensitive customer information, and adds significant value to your entire operation.

A POS upgrade also meets the needs of modern day consumers who are seeking additional payment options. A recent Hospitality Technology report found that enabling new payment options was the largest business driver influencing a POS upgrade, with 56 percent of respondents saying they wanted to give customers more options.

Here are three ways upgrading the POS system can add value to your liquor store business:

Improved security:

Using a POS system equipped with EMV technology, encryption, and tokenization helps improve payment security, reduce fraud, and grow consumer trust in your business. EMV technology, for example, increases card data security mainly by making it virtually impossible to create counterfeit cards, and by requiring cardholder authentication that verifies that the card belongs to the person using it.

Better business intelligence:

Modern day POS systems can provide comprehensive back-end reporting and analytics, offering valuable insights to your customers’ behavior. For example, some programs allow you to track customers’ past purchases and send them relevant offers for specific products. You can use this information to improve customer relationships and drive sales.

Integrated management suite:

Today's payment terminals and point of sale systems can be integrated to content management suites, inventory control, and other business intelligence systems you are already using. With a single integrated system, you can streamline operations, improve back-end visibility, and automate many day-to-day business tasks.