Using Facebook to market your business

Many owners of small and medium-sized are well acquainted with Facebook® in their personal lives, but often do not consider how the social media platform can give their businesses a competitive advantage, when properly utilized. The following tips can help you boost your Facebook presence and increase customer conversions.

Create Your Page. 

Your business’s page for Facebook is different from your personal profile, but in the same way that your profile reflects who you are as a person, make sure your company page accurately reflects your brand. Choose appropriate, high-resolution photos and ensure that your company description includes relevant keywords that can help your business page show up in pertinent searches.

Build Your Audience.

Once you have created your page, you want to encourage current and potential customers to follow your updates. By utilizing the Build Audience tool found in your page’s admin menu, you can both invite personal Facebook friends and email contacts to follow your page. In addition, you should publicize your page on your own company collateral as much as possible. This would include links to your page in company email signatures and website and the Facebook page URL printed on business cards and any marketing materials.


As you amass more followers, you want to ensure that you retain those followers at the same time. The best way to do so is to provide engaging, relevant content on a regular basis. This content can vary from surveys to promotions. Let your audience know what is going on with your business, but be sure to be genuine and compelling. Short and visual updates are typically the most popular and the most likely to be re-posted. And as your followers become more engaged with your page, be sure to respond to any posts or comments.


If you are regularly posting updates and not seeing the level of traction you had anticipated among your audience, the Insights tool can help you hone your messaging and activity. Accessible from the admin menu, Facebook Insights can show you the types of posts that are resonating most with your followers and at what times they are most likely to interact. With this valuable data, you can tailor your updates to better target your audience.


Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have the time or resources available to manage their Facebook presences on the level of global brands. However, there are many basic applications that can be used through Facebook to better enable content management. Many of these services offer a free version of the application that provides the basic functionalities. If you do decide to utilize some of these applications, it is recommended that you set up a Welcome Tab and a Contact Us Tab (a great tool for converting your fans into leads) within your company page.


Facebook Ads are another simple way to help increase your company’s visibility and increase followers. Setting up Facebook ads is surprising easy and for a small company, a budget of $50 per month may be enough to see an impact. These ads can be very specifically targeted toward a particular audience based on the vast array of user data to which Facebook has access. Campaign results can also be tracked via a Facebook Analytics tool.

For small and medium businesses, Facebook should be viewed as an extremely useful tool to reach both a vast and diverse population, and at the same time, a very specific audience. By capitalizing on these offerings, companies have the opportunity to potentially elevate brand awareness and convert users to fans to customers.