Buffet point of sale systems

Reduce waste, customer wait times and day to day hassles with a buffet POS system

Operating a successful buffet restaurant has its challenges. Keeping the customers happy, means predicting customer demands, preparing the proper amount of food, ensuring a good rotation of menu items, and making customer checkout fast and easy. Not to mention the employee management tasks you face daily.  A POS system, specifically built with buffet restaurants in mind can help you manage all aspects of your buffet restaurant. Especially if it has payment processing built in.

Track Sales, Inventory, and Waste

Buffet POS systems have the functionality you need to track sales on particular menu items to help identify and eliminate unpopular choices. Advanced systems allow you to track information on sales broken down by menu items, the time of day or year, payment type, employee, and more. This type of insight can greatly help with inventory, ordering, and things like promotions and specials.

Employee Management

Like other restaurants, buffet's can see a lot of employee turnover. It's just the nature of the food service industry. But with the right POS, you can greatly simplify your employee management tasks.  Many of the best POS systems for buffets have employee scheduling software, dedicated employee log ins to track employee productivity and enhance security.  Time card management and payroll can all be made easier with the right POS system. 

Forecast Sales

A POS system tailored to buffet restaurants allows you to better meet customer demand. With accurate information about inventory usage, and reliable sales forecasts, you’ll know exactly what you need to keep your customers satisfied – and your kitchen staff will know exactly how much of each item to prepare, further reducing waste and spoilage. Additionally, your buffet will be ready for promotions and holidays – reducing line and wait times for customers.


The Benefits of Built-in Payment Processing

When you purchase a full-featured POS system, you expect to be able to use all the features that attracted you to the system.  But if you use a payment processor that doesn't fully support your specific POS system, you may lose functionality, and have a harder time getting knowledgeable support when things go wrong. Built-in payment processing means that you don't have to purchase third party payment software, or use a payment gateway to process payments. The payment processing software is integrated with the system as a whole. Meaning, the POS developer worked specifically with the payment processor to make sure that the POS supports all the aspects of the payment platform, and vice versa.  An integrated system allows you to perform all of your buffet restaurant functions through the POS rather than performing certain tasks in the POS, and others, like payment processing separately.  If you want to avoid reconciling the cash drawer, separate from the credit card receipts, or use your POS to accept gift cards integrated is definitely the way to go.


Selecting a Buffet POS Just Became Easier

Choosing the right POS system is crucial. POS Today is a free, user-friendly application that helps you easily find the right point of sale provider for your buffet restaurant. Here’s how it works:

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Everyone has their own comfort level with regard to purchasing technology.  Some technology lovers and early adopters feel comfortable diving right into tech specs and advanced information and making their own decision.  Others just want to be told which technology suits them and expect a turn-key solution with no learning curve for the user. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, we can help you find the best buffet POS for your restaurant.  We provide  a collection of solid resources like buying guides, checklists, and the latest thought leadership for the do it yourself type. And for anyone who would like to brush up on their basic POS knowledge. And we also provide more hands on guidance for those who feel lost in the world of POS technology.  With some information about your business, your customers, and your future goals, we can make referrals to top POS providers in your area who are likely to be a good match for you.  Just let us know what you need, and we'll gladly help.

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