Chinese restaurant point of sale systems

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If you own a Chinese restaurant, you know how challenging it can be to provide perfect food, excellent customer service, and still have time to manage your business.  A point of sale (POS) system designed specifically for Chinese restaurants is the answer you’re looking for. 

When it comes to finding the perfect POS, the first step is selecting one with all the right Chinese restaurant management features.  You need a POS system that handles food orders, tracks inventory, provides business data, manages employees, and more.  The second is choosing one with a top-of-the-line payment processing solution already built in.


The Perfect POS With Integrated Payments

As you search for a POS system for your Chinese restaurant, make sure you choose one with integrated payment processing. Integrated payments means that the payment processing software is already built into the system, so there is no additional payment software  to buy and support.  Having integrated payments allows you to take full advantage of all the features of your POS system. If you choose a non-integrated payment solution, you may have to go through a third-party gateway to process transactions rather than having direct access to the payment processor. Plus, without integrated payments, you may not have the ability to use certain functions that you want from your POS.  When the payment processing is built in, you never have to reconcile the cash drawer separately from the credit card receipts. And you can even perform back office tasks like automated inventory management based on product sales.


Selecting a Chinese Restaurant POS Just Became Easier

Choosing the right POS system is crucial. POS Today is a free, user-friendly application that helps you easily find the right point of sale provider for your Chinese restaurant. Here’s how it works:

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Finding the Perfect Chinese POS

Finding the best POS for your Chinese restaurant can be a difficult task if you're not exactly sure what you're looking for. You know your business, and you know your customers, but like many restaurant owners, you're probably not a POS expert. That's okay, because you found this site. And we are POS experts.  We work with  the top POS providers in the nation. Whether you want a simple, streamlined tablet-based POS, or a traditional multi-station POS, or something in between, we can help you.  Browse this site for helpful POS guides, checklists, and articles about POS systems. And if you still need more guidance, just contact us. We'll gather some information about your business and your future goals, and provide you with some referrals for reputable POS providers in your area. 

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