Salon Point of Sale Systems

Find the Right POS for Your Salon

The back-end business side of owning a salon may take time away from what you love best - cutting and styling your customer’s hair. A comprehensive salon point of sale (POS) system will help streamline operations like scheduling, inventory, and of course, payment. That keeps you focused on skillful, superb hair styling and exceptional service delivery to clients. 


The Benefits of a Salon POS System

If a client forgets a hair appointment, that’s a time slot and a tip your stylist loses. A great feature of a salon POS is the ability to organize and automate appointment reminder calls, as well as reminders via SMS text and email. That way, if the appointment slips the customer’s mind or they need to cancel, you’ll know ahead of time. When the customer arrives and receives their hair cut, you can round out their great experience with built-in payment processing. Being able to accept all major forms of payment, paired with fast and secure processing, could leave your customer feeling generous when it comes time to tip. On the operations side, you’ll never have to reconcile a cash drawer with credit card receipts again.

Another benefit of a salon POS is the ability to automatically track inventory and clients. For most salons, a large part of revenue comes from the sale of onsite hair products. If you run out of your most popular hair gel on a busy day, that’s revenue lost. A modern salon POS will help you better track and manage inventory, both for your supplies and retail products.


Improve Sales with a Great POS

Once you’ve ensured you have products in stock, successfully selling them to your clients is the next step. A POS equipped with the right salon software will allow you to easily track your clients’ appointment histories without searching through mountains of paper records. The client history, complete with information on the particular styles and products they like, will make it much easier to impress the customer with your attention to personal detail.

You can also better incentivize your employees when you have a robust tracking system that allows you to account for stylists’ individual sales, commissions and space rental payments. Accurate tracking aids in reducing accounting time and guarantees your stylists will be properly paid for their work.


Selecting a POS Just Became Easier

Choosing the right POS system is crucial. POS Today is a free, user-friendly application that helps you easily find the right point of sale provider for your salon business. Here’s how it works:

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Boost Your Business in Style

POS Today will help you narrow down your search based on the unique features of your business. You’ll also have access to 24/7 customer support, intuitive troubleshooting and alerts to help you resolve payment issues, custom reporting and accounting features, and backup processing protection if a network ever goes down. Contact us to find the perfect salon POS system today, or fill out the form above to get started!

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